Oral Sex questions, older ones

Q: “meni, my man is very satisfied oraly, he tells me all the time how great my head game is, but i feel like i have left nothing for surprise is there anything else i can do besides deep throat him, swallow him and play wit his balls all the time, i mean hes always sayin how great the bj is, what else can i do oraly, and i dont mean his anus lol thanks?” C.L.
A: “First off, may I commend you for being a great girl. I was just talking to a friend of mine, who was married and said his wife would only blow him on holidays and his birthday. What is wrong with some chicks? You can add ice cubes to your mouth, or maybe pop rocks. Take off your top, and let him tit fuck you while you blow him. Jerk him off and only tease him with your tongue touching just the top of his cock. Change positions, I mean do it within him standing sometimes, on a couch, you lean over, or you get on your knees no the floor, Blow him while he’s driving, a surprise blowjob is a fantastic blowjob.”

Q: “Hello, I just started dating a new guy after being with one person for 12 years. My new boyfriend is not circumcised and I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to perform oral sex on him. The first time I sucked his dick I think I might have pulled the skin too far and hurt him. And there were some things my ex used to love that this guy seemed to find strange. Please give me details on how to suck his dick real good.” B.J.
A: “Insert your tongue into the foreskin and circle around the head with it. You can also use your fingers to gently massage the head through the foreskin, alternating with deep tongue licks.

Q: “my boyfriend does not suck on my nipples or even oral sex for 6 months now, he says he loves me but it is all on him. What is that suppose to mean? And I am very pretty and thin so am not sure what to think. I never had this problem before.”
A: “Stop giving him ANYTHING. Make him beg for it. If you are very pretty and thin, you can get 1000 guys to do that to you. Sounds like he is taking you for granted. Oh by the way, I live in South Florida, and you??? hee hee

Q: “my boyfriend has asked me to give him a hummer more than one time before, but i’m not sure how to give a good one. any suggestions? -hunny
A: “Yes, here’s my technique, I like to put him in my mouth…”

Q: “My boyfriend wants so badly to fuck my throat, but I do not understand if that is possible, he says that there are some women who can really swallow 8, 9 inch cocks entirely down their throats, apparently it is the best for both lovers, because the man gets to fuck deeply inside her and ejaculate all his load to the last drop, and for her she does not have to taste it, hence there will be no spiting. Please tell me if that’s true or not, if so can you tell me how one can learn the trick? Ps. my boyfriend’s penis is only 6″ long by 5.25″ girth. Thanks.” anonymous
A: “You better work on your gag reflex. Then you can take him whole. http://www.infinityinst.com/articles/hypnosis_gag.html might help. If you feel comfortable doing it, then have fun. If not, tell your boyfriend, “no way”. So anyways, are you cute?”

Q: “Meni, I like to get eating out but I refuse to give head. I want to so my boyfriend has his pleasure but I’ve NEVER done it!! What can I do so i feel more comfortable doin it? Rocky S.
A: “Have a drink. Do some E. Actually, Start slow, don’t drag your teeth. While you blow him, ask him tell you what he likes. The only way a rookie like yourself can get your boyfriend off easy, is if you know what he likes. If he’s inexperienced, any cocksucking will get him off. If you live within 100 miles of Manchester, New Hamsphire, I can personally help you.”

Q: “Why girls like sucking cock? why? M.Z
A: “Well I asked your sister last night, while she was over, she said it turns her on to have a man in her mouth. She feels in control. And your sister ain’t that bad at it either”

Q: “My girlfriend loves to suck my balls whenever she’s blowing me, it’s really hot , but the problem is that i cum to quickly because my balls are sensitive. What should i tell her? Josh- New york
A: “Tell her to lick your cock, suck your balls, then lick your cock, suck you cock, deep throat your cock, then back to the balls, if you don’t mind, make her kiss you, is that gay? I suggest drinking or doing E before, then you will last WAY longer”

Q: “Meni my girl wanted to give a blowjob in the mall. What should i do if she asks again”
A: “That’s tough man. If she hot? I think you will get arrested at the mall. If she’s that horny, tell her to suck you off on camera, on the net”

Q: “My girlfriend wont give me a blowjob man, we’ve had sex for over a year now and I think I’m gonna go nuts, everything else is great but I think I can’t live without oral sex!!! help me please!!! what can I do?? Mark. Fl
A: “Chill on the relationship. Make her to late night booty call. Only call her if you need to get laid. Go find a NORMAL girl, one who does suck cock.”

Q: “I get a hard time to deepthroat. i do mostly everything but this, he wants it.. i wanna give it to him but just cant do it, i’ve practice and all… any tricks?? Lissa
A: “Work on relaxing your gag reflex. Work on cucumbers and hard bananas, or me.”

Q: “why do some girls start to give you head and then sometimes they stop and say they cant do it?” Kyle, OHIO
A: “Kyle, they stop giving you head, cuz your ass smells. But for others? Some chicks don’t feel comfortable doing it, and stop, others have second thoughts, and think, “Am I a slut?” so they stop. Others, like some who blow me? Lock jaw, cuz I don’t blow a load quick”

Q: “How do you eat a girl out? ian sanderson surrey , b.c. , canada
A: “Dude, next time, leave your street address and zip. Actually, practice makes perfect. Let the girl direct you to what she likes. Writing the alphabet with your tongue is good. Work the clit, not too rough. Throw a dildo in her too, she’ll love you”

Q: “Meni I think I like getting oral sex more than getting pussy is that weird” Mike P. Cali
A: “It’s perfectly normal. I’m like that. I’d prefer to get blown, and have her on her way, instead of fucking her, and there’s a chance of her staying over.”

Q: “How Do u blow a guy right? and spit or swallow?” allie, tx
A: “You want to blow a guy right, practice on a banana or me, check on lower on this page for another answer. As for spitting or swallowing, swallowing is great, also, allowing a guy to blow it all over your face? that is a winner”

Q: “If you give oral sex to a woman and she is hiv positive what are the risks?” Ricky, England
A: “vaginal fluid may contain the virus. Cells in the mucous lining of the mouth may carry HIV into the lymph nodes or the bloodstream. The risk increases if you have cuts or sores around or in your mouth or throat; if your partner ejaculates in your mouth; or if your partner has another sexually transmitted disease (STD). If you are going to have oral sex with a woman, use a latex barrier (such as a dental dam or a cut-open condom that makes a square) between your mouth and the vagina. Plastic food wrap also can be used as a barrier.”

Q: “meni, what’s the best way to learn how to deepthroat huge cocks?” Debbi,Tx USA
A: Practice makes perfect, or practive on a banana. Learn to relax your throast muscles, and work on you gag reflex.

Q: “I want to give my girl some pleasure. How would I go about finding er g spot and clitorus? waiting, Canada
A: “Clit is outside the snatch, up, behind the hood. Rub sandpaper on it. The G spot, up and in her vagina. I can show you in person”

Q: “What is the right way to have oral sex to make a guy go crazy?” peaches
A: “Well, mom, .. I mean peaches, deep throat him, look at him, look at his hidden video camera on the chair under his coat, have a hot friend join you, do it while he watches football, and do it nude, (if you look good nude). Suck hard, suck fast, suck slow, lick, let him basically skull fuck you while he thinks about hotter girls”

Q: “When is it ok to give oral sex?” C.J
A: “Anytime is a good time to give oral sex. It’s like a handshake nowadays. Be sure to check the oil first if you do though. The importance of this cannot be underestimated. STD can be passed by oral sex so be careful.” [note: that’s about muffdiving, not hummers]