Was I hurt?

Q: “It seems to me that you have been hurt many times before in past relationships. I’m sure you have been, but who hasn’t? I guess my question to you is why is it so hard for you to believe in true and undying love? What else has happened to you in your life to

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Angry with Me

“Meni, people ask you questions and then you treat them like shit. You are a fucking dick head. You need to find some real pussy besides your mom. Well i get your moms pussy every night fucker.” Kyle OHIO Meni responds: “Kyle, Kyle honey, marry my mom. I want a Daddy, a Daddy to discipline

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Q: “Can i please ask…..has a guy ever prematurely ejaculated with you? how quick was the quickest? what happened? what happened? what did you say when it happened? was he embarrassed? what did you tell your friends? honestly….please please be brutally honest…..” vance A: “I was passed out, camping!”

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