Hooking up at AVN awards?

Q: Did Meni ever hook up with one at the AVN awards? (Juan via FB)
A: Oh boy, let me think, yes. One year Vegas resident who I knew from back in NH, she was like 16 when I was 25? so she must have been 22 or 23. (married ssshh). I made out with a Wicked Contract girl and thought I was getting more, then she came to her senses when her make up artist got a hold of her. Had a great time with PHX hottie who I seduced thru the magic of customer support email with clubjenna. she was cancelling her account, i noticed her email address was of a hot chick, we talked, agreed to meet in Vegas, and the magic happened in my boys from Montreal’s room in the Venetian, I had a clubjenna employee Dan sleeping in my room back at the Hard Rock so I asked my buddies from Montreal who were hanging in the center bar in the Venetian at around 2 am if I could “use” their room. They told me we could as long as we call the front for new sheets after. God I haven’t seen a pic of that chick since Myspace died.