Q: “what exactly is a tabledance? My boyfriend of two years went to a stripclub with his friends last summer and I just found out last week that he got a table dance. Should I be mad. He said they are nothing. I have no idea what goes on in those places and what girls […]

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Forward women

Q: “Do men like forward women? I have a tendency to wink at men, touch them as I walk by, and sincerely compliment them. This never works with men I really like, but extremely attractive assholes respond by trying to get me to come home with them. Am I freaking out the nice guys? Should

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Boobs shrunk

Q: “hey meni, My tits use to be a c and now the have gone down to a b. why is that, I got sick a long time ago and lost about 10 pounds and my tits went down. How do I get my c cup back?” anonymous A: “You would have to gain weight,

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